COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand that one of the health topics concerning Medicare members right now is the COVID-19 vaccine. There are many questions out there about vaccine safety and how to sign up to get vaccinated. At Clever Care we want to help our members and the community stay safe and healthy.

Here are some details we’ve put together from the CDC and the local health departments in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties.

If you have any questions, we are here to help, just give us a call at (833) 388-8168.

If you require assistance in a specific language, you can reach us here:
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Each county has their own plan to distribute vaccinations to get everyone vaccinated as quickly as possible.

  • Los Angeles and Orange Counties are currently vaccinating people over 65, who live or work within the county.
  • San Diego county is currently vaccinating people over 75. Healthcare providers and pharmacists can vaccinate people over age 65 if they have doses available. They are expecting vaccines to become widely available to people over 65 by the end of the month.

The best and most reliable source of information on vaccine availability is your county health department COVID-19 website. They will continue to release new information once vaccines become available for other groups.

LA County Health Department Covid-19 website:
Orange County Health Department Covid-19 website:
San Diego County Health Department Covid-19 website:

We also want to remind our members that all Clever Care Medicare Advantage HMO plan members qualify for a $10 reward just for getting their Covid-19 vaccine. Our Health Incentive program also offers rewards for other healthy activities like the flu vaccine and scheduling your annual wellness doctor visit.

Each county’s health department website lists the locations that can accommodate large numbers of people for vaccination. These locations are called supersites. There are also some designated fire stations, medical centers, and local pharmacies that are administering vaccines.

To register for an appointment, visit your county health department vaccine website or call their toll-free appointment line. At this time, you will not be able to make an appointment directly at these locations.

For a current list of all the vaccination locations by county, click here.

There are two vaccines currently approved by the FDA for emergency use, Pfizer and Moderna. Some vaccine locations list the vaccine they have available and you can choose a location where your preferred vaccine is being administered

Yes, the vaccines are being paid for by the government. However, depending on where you get the vaccine, there may be a fee charged for giving the vaccine. If you are eligible for Medicare, this cost will be covered, and you will have no out of pocket cost for the vaccine.

Both the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines require two doses to be given a few weeks apart. It is important to get the same kind of vaccine for both shots.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) for two COVID-19 vaccines. Both vaccines have been tested for safety and effectiveness based on clinical trials administered to a large group of people. The results from these trials have shown that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the potential harm we could experience from becoming infected with the virus.

There have been some reports of side effects from both of the vaccines, but they have been relatively mild and rare. Please check with your doctor if you have concerns about your current health conditions or possible side effects from the vaccine.

Vaccination is a safe and effective way to prevent disease. Vaccines save millions of lives each year. When we get vaccinated, we aren’t just protecting ourselves, but also those around us.

When a person gets vaccinated, they are less likely to get a disease or pass on to other people. When more people get vaccinated there are fewer people left for virus to infect so it is harder for the virus to spread. This is called community immunity or “herd immunity.” Herd immunity is important because it protects people who can’t get the vaccine, for example, because they are too young or are very sick.

Yes, everyone should get vaccinated, even those who have already had the virus. As we are still learning about the long-term effects of COVID, health experts still don’t know yet how long you are protected after you have had the virus, so it’s important to get vaccinated to help strengthen your immunity.

No. The viral test (swab test) looks for active Covid infection. You may test positive on antibody testing because vaccines work by teaching your body to make the antibodies to resist the virus.

Yes, you should definitely get vaccinated for the flu in addition to the COVID vaccine. Each vaccine only protects you from that specific virus. Being vaccinated for both makes it less likely for you to get sick from both viruses at the same time. It’s more important than ever to get the flu shot because getting both infections at the same time can cause you to have a more severe illness. Please consult your doctor about scheduling the flu shot if you plan on getting the COVID vaccine soon, as they may have to be given several weeks apart.

Yes. Although the vaccines were tested in large groups, health experts don’t yet have enough information on how the vaccines will keep you protected in real world conditions. As more people get vaccinated and over time, experts will have a better understanding of how much the vaccine protects against the virus or for how long. Additionally, according to the CDC, there is currently insufficient information about whether the vaccine will prevent you from spreading the virus to others, even if you don’t become sick yourself.

We understand that getting an appointment may take some time. That is why Clever Care members can rest assured that they are covered by our Covid Peace of Mind benefit. Should they need any Covid-related treatments or testing while waiting for the vaccine, they are covered at $0 copay. 

We also realize that it’s very difficult to get accurate information about how to make an appointment to get a vaccine and where to go. We’ve collected a list of resources, including links to the county websites and phone numbers to call on, to help our members and the community find the information they are looking for. The information is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Spanish. If you have a hard time going online, you can also call our member service line at (833) 388-8168 (TTY:711). Our representatives can provide you with the information you need in the language that fits your needs.