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2022 Balance Medicare Advantage (HMO)

This is similar to Original Medicare; however, it includes Eastern medicine and supplemental benefits.

Prescription drug coverage is included.

Plan Overview

Additional information

Plan Premium


Medical Deductible (Part A)


Prescription Drug Deductible (Part D)




Prescription Drugs (Part D)


Doctor Visits

$0 copay

Hospital Stay

$0 copay for days 1-60 | $389 copay for days 61-90

Transportation (Non-Emergency)

$0 copay | 48 trips per year (one-way)

Flexible Health and Wellness Allowance

$300 allowance every three months


20% Coinsurance

Dental Coverage

Up to $2,500 per year

Routine Vision and Eyewear Coverage

$0 copay | $300 every year


Unlimited visits per year

Eastern Wellness Therapies

24 visits per year

*The Medicare defined amounts for hospital stays are for 2021 and may change for 2022. We will provide updated rates as soon as Medicare releases them.

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