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Advance Directive

Have an Advance Directive in place

An Advance Directive is an important document that explains your health care wishes. In the case of a medical emergency, where you cannot express your desired health care choices, an Advance Directive can make it easier for your loved ones to make those critical decisions on your behalf and protect your wishes.

When filling out your Advance Directive you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Choose a medical decision maker
  2. Determine the kind of health care you wish to receive
  3. Sign the completed form following the detailed instructions provided

An advance directive (also known as a living will) is a way to make sure that your designated medical power of attorney is able to communicate your medical wishes if you cannot speak for yourself.

Together, with your doctor, you can create an advance directive that will instruct providers to withhold or withdraw life sustaining treatment in the event of a terminal condition or permanent unconscious condition.

When you have completed your advance directive, ask your doctor to put the form in your file. It is also a good idea to let your loved ones and your Medical Power of Attorney (if designated) know you have an advance directive. 

You may change your advance directive at any time. Call us if you have any questions or want help.

Advance Directive form