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Medicare Compliance

Commitment to Compliance

Clever Care Health Plan conducts its business using the highest ethical principles and professional standards while ensuring compliance with applicable state and federal laws. These principles and standards apply to our relationships with members, providers, vendors, consultants, regulatory agencies, joint-venture partners, board members and to our coworkers. Our understanding of this commitment and our willingness to raise ethical concerns are essential to the well-being of our customers and to the success of the organization.

Clever Care strives to establish a culture that promotes prevention, detection, and resolution of instances of behavior that doesn’t comply with federal and state laws, regulations and healthcare program requirements. It is imperative that all Covered Persons comply with the standards contained in the Code of Conduct, immediately report any perceived violations, and assist in investigating any allegations of wrongdoing.

Your role in identifying and reporting non-compliance

If you know of conduct that does not conform to the law, Federal health care program requirements, or an organization’s ethical and business policies it is your duty to report it.

The False Claims/Whistleblower Policy enforces NO retaliation against you for reporting suspected non-compliance in good faith.

How to report suspected non-compliance

Compliance Hotline at (833)217-8644
Report non-compliance with our online form

Clever Care Health Plan
ATTN: Compliance Department
7711 Center Avenue, Suite 100
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Clever Care Compliance Officer

Sabrina Coleman
Clever Care Health Plan
7711 Center Avenue, Suite 100
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

(626) 514-9149

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