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Clever Care Announces New Partnerships

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA (November 26, 2022) – Clever Care Health Plan Inc. (“Clever Care”) announced its partnership with Allied Pacific IPA, Alpha Care Medical Group, and Accountable Health Care IPA.

Allied Pacific IPA (Allied) is one of the largest provider networks in Southern California, serving over 350,000 patients in the greater San Gabriel Valley area. Alpha Care Medical Group (Alpha Care), founded in 1993, serves the ever-growing Inland Empire communities – expanding Victorville to Indio. Finally, Accountable Health Care IPA (Accountable) serves residents of the greater Long Beach area of Los Angeles County and Downtown Los Angeles.

The partnership combines Clever Care’s focus on whole-health Medicare plans and a quality patient-centered network of doctors, specialists, and hospitals in the greater Southern California area. Many of the providers in the three physician groups are bi-lingual and care for traditionally under-served populations.

“Our partnership with Allied Pacific IPA will provide Medicare beneficiaries more options in receiving the quality, culturally-sensitive healthcare they deserve,” said Peter Winston, Senior Vice President, and General Manager at Clever Care Health Plan. “Through this affiliation, Clever Care members will also have access to more hospitals in Greater Los Angeles.”

Brandon Sim, Co-CEO of Apollo Medical Holdings Inc. (“ApolloMed”), the value-based enablement company that partners with and manages the three IPA groups, said, “Clever Care and our IPA network of physicians share a strong commitment to providing high-quality, culturally competent healthcare right here in our communities. The partnership with Clever Care will offer Medicare patients more choices and enhance their access to care. Together, we will continue to fulfill our mission of serving the needs of our communities and allowing them to live their lives to their fullest.”

Clever Care offers a whole health approach that includes Western and Eastern medicine. Clever Care has over 15,000 provider facilities, over 50 leading hospitals, and an extensive network of in-language doctors and healthcare experts, making accessing care at any stage of your health journey easier. The company also offers plan options with unlimited acupuncture with access to over 600 acupuncture providers, cupping, herbal supplements, and a flexible allowance for golf, tai chi, gym memberships, and much more. In addition, Clever Care’s dedicated Medicare team and community centers provide in-language support services to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation so that members can optimize their healthcare services to best fit their needs.

About Clever Care Health Plan

Clever Care Health Plan, Inc. is a private Medicare Advantage Plan company based in Southern California that offers quality and affordable Medicare plans that focus on whole health. The company prides itself in removing healthcare obstacles by honoring and uplifting the cultural values of the communities it serves. Clever Care plans are centered around complete wellness and combine the healing therapies of Eastern medicine with the innovative practices of Western medicine. Clever Care understands that there is more to a person than their health.

About Allied Pacific IPA

Founded in 1992, Allied Pacific IPA continues to provide high-quality and patient-centered medical care through an extensive and accessible network of physicians, hospitals, and ancillary healthcare professionals. With 1,337 primary care and specialty physicians, Allied Pacific IPA (Allied) is one of the largest provider networks in Southern California, serving over 350,000 patients.

To learn more about Allied Pacific IPA, visit alliedipa.com.

About Alpha Care Medical Group

Alpha Care Medical Group, an Independent Physician Association (IPA), was founded in 1993 by community doctors who wanted to improve health care for the Inland Empire’s diverse communities. Today, over 1,479 primary care physicians and specialists continue to work together to provide high-value, affordable care to the residents of the Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, California.

For more information, visit alphacaremed.com.

About Accountable Health Care IPA

Accountable Health Care IPA is dedicated to promoting personal health and well-being through the coordinated delivery of care. With over 1,000 primary care and specialty physicians, Accountable Health Care IPA is committed to providing high-quality and patient-focused care to the Los Angeles and Long Beach communities.

Clever Care Health Plan is an HMO and HMO C-SNP with a Medicare contract. Enrollment depends on contract renewal. Other Physicians/Providers are available in our network.

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