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Clever Care of Golden State Inc. Receives Contract Approval to Offer Medicare Advantage Services to Thousands of Medicare Beneficiaries Residing in Southern California


Today, Clever Care Health Plan announced the regulatory approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to begin offering Medicare Advantage services in Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties.


CMS is a federal agency that regulates reimbursement for healthcare products and services for the two largest healthcare programs in the country, Medicare and Medicaid. Together with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA,) CMS also oversees the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare services.


“We are excited to have received the approval from CMS, which places the company in a timely position to begin enrolling Medicare-eligible prospects during the Annual Election Period,” says Dave Firdaus, Chief Executive Officer of Clever Care Health Plan. “With a diverse population residing in Southern California, we anticipate great interest in the wellness and preventive benefits of Eastern medicine that Clever Care Health Plan will uniquely provide.”


During the Annual Election Period, which begins on October 15th through December 7th, Clever Care will be able to offer two different plan options, Clever Care Longevity Medicare Advantage HMO Plan and Clever Care Balance Medicare Advantage HMO Plan. Both plans include robust Eastern medicine benefits, a first in the market.


“We have been streamlining all internal operations including a diverse customer service team, who will have the ability to provide support services to the community in the language most comfortable for them and most reflective of the Southern California population,” says Mr. Firdaus.


Clever Care is a health plan that integrates the benefits of Eastern medicine with an extensive network of over 15,000 provider facilities and 30 leading hospitals in Southern California.


About Clever Care Health Plan
Clever Care Health Plan is an insurance corporation based in Southern California that offers affordable and innovative enhanced benefits with a holistic approach to care. Formed to connect the benefits of Eastern and Western medicine through an extensive network of PCPs and specialists, Clever Care Health Plan offers a differentiated health care solution. Clever Care of Golden State Inc. (DBA Clever Care of California) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clever Care Health Plan. Detailed information can be found at http://www.CleverCareHealthPlan.com.