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Culturally inclusive health plan, now at over 22,000 members, continues to resonate with the underserved senior population

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California, January 22, 2024 (CLEVER CARE HEALTH PLAN)—In 2021, Clever Care Health Plan Inc. (“Clever Care”) went to market with a Medicare Advantage Plan built on culturally sensitive services designed to uphold underserved beneficiaries’ cultural values in their preferred language. Founded by Myong Lee and Hiep Pham, Clever Care has successfully connected and sustained a high-quality health care community, merging Western medicine with Eastern wellness through comprehensive in-language services. Under Myong’s leadership, Clever Care significantly grew membership this past AEP and is now projected to be a top 5 growing plan in its core counties in Southern California. The plan grew 112% YoY and now serves over 22,000 members.  

Honoring family and culture 

The inspiration behind Clever Care is personal for the founders, who witnessed their parents’ challenges within the healthcare system. Myong Lee, CEO of Clever Care, and son of first-generation immigrants from South Korea, saw firsthand how his parents had to manage their healthcare with limited English proficiency. He recognized a crucial gap in large health plans’ focus on the needs of AAPI populations. “Language should never get in the way of receiving the quality health care you deserve”, said Myong, “Through a culturally customized patient-centered approach, Clever Care and its providers are enhancing members’ access to care by advocating for and giving them a seat at the table when managing their health.” 

In the heart of Southern California 

Clever Care prides itself as a grassroots company. Since day one, the company has brought together often disparate health, wellness, and community resources into one culturally-unified ecosystem of care. By removing traditional silos and fostering collaboration, the company elevates the quality of care its members can receive while highlighting the vibrancy of community and cultural outreach. By cultivating meaningful partnerships with local grocery stores, Eastern wellness specialists, and aligned provider networks, Clever Care has significantly expanded member choices, fostering a healthcare experience that is more expansive and highly customizable to individual needs. 

East meets West 

Clever Care Medicare Advantage HMO plans offer unique coverage tailored to its members’ cultural needs, such as cupping, massage, and reflexology, a flexible allowance to pay for 800+ herbal supplements and OTC items such as red ginseng or bird’s nest, golf, gym memberships, Tai chi, yoga, and many other Eastern wellness therapies. Additionally, acupuncture is a critical component of many holistic health practices, and Clever Care’s plans offer extensive coverage with no referrals required. 

Improving access 

Clever Care members have access to over 15,000 provider facilities, 50+ leading hospitals, 600+ in-network acupuncturists, and an impressive 2,000+ network of bilingual physicians and Eastern wellness specialists. Remarkably, around 70% of the company’s workforce are ethnic minorities, fostering an internal culture of inclusivity. Clever Care has also operationalized seven unique in-language member lines, including Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin, and Cantonese. In 2023, an overwhelming majority (84%) of members reported preferring speaking to a representative in a non-English language, with 47% selecting Korean and 21% Vietnamese as their language of choice. Clever Care’s member service team is well-versed and attuned to the cultural nuances of the communities it serves and actively provides assistance and support, including scheduling appointments, arranging transportation, facilitating conversations with the member’s medical group, and providing access to additional services beyond the traditional scope of care.  

A plan built for families 

One of the critical tests for the company’s leadership was designing a plan they would want for their family members. Myong’s Taiwanese in-laws, both proud plan members, attest to this and reflect the company’s genuine commitment. “The goal for Clever Care,” said Myong, “has always been connecting to the needs of seniors and honoring their hard work, perseverance, and resolve by delivering the care they deserve.” As Clever Care continues to see record growth, the company remains steadfast in its mission to bridge the gap in healthcare disparities, knowing that its impact is not just measured in membership growth but in the lives it touches within the communities it serves. 

For additional information, please visithttp://www.CleverCareHealthPlan.com.  

About Clever Care Health Plan 

Based in Huntington Beach, California, Clever Care Health Plan, Inc. is a Medicare Advantage Plan that offers quality, affordable Medicare plans that focus on whole health. The company prides itself in removing healthcare obstacles by honoring and uplifting the cultural values of the communities it serves. Clever Care plans are centered around complete wellness and combine the preventive healing therapies of Eastern medicine with the innovative allopathic practices of Western medicine. Clever Care understands that there is more to a person than their health. To learn more about Clever Care Health Plan, visit CleverCareHealthPlan.com.   

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