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Clever Care Health Plan Strengthens Partnership with TS Emporium and Enhances Herbal Supplement and SSBCI Grocery Benefits

Clever Care Health Plan Inc. (“Clever Care”), a leading Medicare Advantage plan, is announcing the addition of 75 new herbal supplements to its nearly 800 existing product catalog with TS Emporium. The expanded catalog will provide members with items such as dried goji berries, xin jiang dried red dates, and white lotus seed, alongside member favorites Red Ginseng, White Flower Oil, and Bird’s Nest. On top of purchasing herbal supplements through TS Emporium, Clever Care members can use their flexible allowance Mastercard® towards additional herbal supplements, OTC (Over the Counter) items, and fitness activities at several qualifying stores and vendor locations. For Clever Care Longevity and 1Total+ members, they can use their allowance up to $275 quarterly/up to $1,100 per year to purchase a large variety of widely used herbal items.

Additionally, in 2024, Clever Care’s members with 2SSBCI (Special Supplemental Benefits for the Chronically Ill) grocery benefits will be able to use their benefits to purchase groceries at TS Emporium. Clever Care’s Total+ members with qualifying SSBCI benefits will have the opportunity to use their $100 monthly/$1,200 per year grocery benefit/ on groceries at TS Emporium.

“Our members value having herbal supplements and nutritious foods as a part of their preventive care. Our expanded partnership with TS Emporium will give members more of what they value in a way that really matters to them,” said Martina Lee, Chief Growth Officer at Clever Care Health Plan.

The new 75 herbal supplement products are available to all Clever Care members to purchase in-store or online, effective now. In 2024, starting January 1, 2024, SSBCI-eligible members will be able to buy groceries at TS Emporium.

Clever Care continues to seek ways to empower and promote health and wellness for its members. The company’s Member Advisory Board, alongside its local community engagements and dedicated Medicare community centers, provides actionable insight into how Clever Care tailors its plans and services to meet the cultural health needs of its members.

For more information about Clever Care Health Plan Inc. and its partnership with TS Emporium, please visit clevercarehealthplan.com/otc-catalogs or contact (833) 721-4377 (TTY: 711).

About Clever Care Health Plan

Based in Huntington Beach, California, Clever Care Health Plan, Inc. is a Medicare Advantage Plan that offers quality, affordable Medicare plans that focus on whole health. The company prides itself on removing healthcare obstacles by honoring and uplifting the cultural values of the communities it serves. Clever Care plans are centered around complete wellness and combine the preventive healing therapies of Eastern medicine with the innovative allopathic practices of Western medicine. Clever Care understands that there is more to a person than their health. To learn more about Clever Care Health Plan, visit CleverCareHealthPlan.com.

About TS Emporium

TS Emporium Inc. is the Largest Provider of Traditional Chinese Medicine, American Ginseng, & Asian Delicacies in the Americas. Established in 1979, TS Emporium operates five retail stores in the greater Los Angeles area. The business also encompasses wholesale and E-commerce at www.tsEmporium.com.

Clever Care Health Plan, Inc. is an HMO and HMO C-SNP with a Medicare contract. Enrollment depends on contract renewal. Contact Member Services at (833) 388-8168 (TTY:711) from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, from October 1 through March 31, and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., weekdays, from April 1 through September 30.

1This plan is a chronic condition special needs plan (C-SNP). Your ability to enroll will be based on verification that you have a qualifying chronic condition.

2Not all members qualify. The benefits mentioned are part of a special supplemental program for the chronically ill. Not all members qualify.

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